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Vape Juice in Canada for Every Taste and Budget

Shoprite Smoke Shop is a reliable online vape shop in Canada to find and buy your favourite e-liquids. Here, you will find sought-after e-liquids, including salt nic and freebase vape juice from reputable brands. If you are looking for premium vape juice in Canada at the right prices, Shoprite Smoke Shop is your one-stop vape shop.

In our online vape store, you will find e-liquids in a wide range of flavours, including coveted ones. We offer e-juices in popular flavours, such as Strawberry, Menthol, Peach, Watermelon, and many more. Irrespective of your taste bud, you will find e-liquids at Shoprite Smoke Shop catering to your needs and budgets simultaneously.  

Reasons to Buy E-Juice in Canada from Shoprite

High-Quality Vape Juice Only

As a responsible online vape store in Canada, we offer high-quality e-liquids only. Our connoisseur team helps us find and stock first-rate plus coveted vape juices in our vape shop. So, buying from our vape store ensures you are getting top-notch e-liquids to vape with the best experience.

E-liquids from Reputable Brands

We understand what brands mean to brand-conscious vapers. For the same reason, you will find e-liquids from esteemed vape juice brands in our online vape shop. Lemon Drop, Gcore, and Naked 100, to mention the names of some of those brands. Therefore, you can confidently buy vape juice in Canada from our vape store if you are a brand-conscious vaper.    

Very Reasonable Prices

At Shoprite Smoke Shop, we care about your hard-earned money. By the same token, we offer e-liquids at very reasonable prices. In fact, you will find vape juice at prices better than our competitors in our online vape shop. So, you do not need to worry about your pocket when buying e-liquids from our vape store.   

Free Shipping

We also offer free shipping to our customers provided that they make a purchase of over $85 from our vape shop. You can avail yourself of this offer, too, if you make a purchase exceeding $85. Moreover, we encourage you to take advantage of this offer to get more bang for your bucks shopping from Shoprite Smoke Shop.    

Choosing between Salt Nic and Freebase Vape Juice in Canada

In our online vape store in Canada, you can find salt nic and freebase vape juice. However, it is important you understand the differences between the two if you have not yet tried vaping. We have shared their differences below to help you choose between the two:

Salt Nic Vape Juice

Salt nic vape juice contains nicotine that you can find in naturally-occurring tobacco leaves. For the same reason, vaping salt nic e-liquid can provide you with quicker and satisfying throat hits. In addition, these e-liquids generally come in high nicotine strengths and consume less e-liquids. We shall suggest to you this option for vaping if you are a recent ex-smoker making a switch to vaping.

Freebase Vape Juice

Freebase e-liquids are traditional e-liquids, which offer a perfect balance of flavour and vapour production. You can find these e-juices in a wide array of flavours exceeding nic salt e-liquids. Additionally, you can easily vape freebase e-juices through different vapes, unlike salt nic vape juice. For example, you can vape these e-liquids through pod vapes and sub-ohm (direct-to-lung) vapes. Freebase e-liquids suit vapers who have been vaping for a long time and have overcome their nicotine dependence.